Writing of thesis at the beginning seems to be an endless and a lengthy task. Thesis and Dissertation are same in some universities but in some writing of a thesis in required at master’s level and that of dissertation at PhD level. One of the major and striking difference between both is that thesis requires original research work whereas in dissertation you can compile the information and research done and align your thoughts with it.

Before you begin writing of thesis you should know that your thesis is a research paper in fact a scientific report. It could be used as a model for future researches. You should also know your audience before writing the thesis so that you streamline your research for them. It is important that you begin your research by analyzing reports written on the same topic. At first it may seem that you are not getting what you want but gradually you will begin to get new ideas and will be able to mold it according to your hypothesis. But it is very important to clarify that what is yours and what has already been stated by somebody else earlier.

Writing of Thesis

For writing of thesis it is important that you have a theory or a statement or hypothesis that is an assumed statement to carry out the research work. It should begin with an introduction which contains the how, why and what of your thesis. To be more precise introduction helps you give an insight of the thesis, it states the hypothesis that you are going to support with your research. It should give an understanding to the reader as to why the particular hypothesis was chosen and what were the research methods and ideas used to support the statement. Introduction should be written in a manner that it makes the reader interested in the research work carried out by you.

After introduction comes the body of the thesis which is stating the hypothesis. It should be a statement or a question which is unanswered and would be interesting to get an answer for it. The research work done for it is stated here. Since this would include a number of sub-headings it is advisable to break the body of the thesis according to the research done. The methods and tools used for research should be stated and the results should be supported by graphs, tables, etc. The presentation of the body should be well structured with proper abstract, analysis and list of illustrations which makes it easier for a reader to understand the project.

Conclusion comes last which summarizes all the research work done. It should state that your objectives set at the beginning were completed through your research. It should be clear and concise and should contain factual information. It should be attractively written to sum up all your statements and should be error free.

Writing of a thesis is a laborious work which needs your pure dedication and sincerity towards it. We can very well say that it is almost a herculean task to be completed at the end of our degree programs.