One of the important aspects of our doctoral study is the dissertation attached with it. It is not only a vital part of the study but it helps to bring expertise in that particular area. Dissertation topics are decided by the students themselves so that they can choose a topic in which they feel they can carry out the research in a proper way and have a niche for that topic. Writing the dissertation could prove a little difficult if the topic chosen is not according to a student’s interest. It is the very main point as this would be an important deciding factor for their doctoral degree.

Writing the Dissertation

To begin with writing the dissertation you should have a dissertation topic. Dissertation topic is selected by the students themselves so they should analyze properly that what is it they would like to research on and give a new point of view to. Their approach to the topic should be clear and well structured.  Get the approval of the proposal by your mentor and begin the primary research work on it. If you don’t know what is the difference between dissertation and essay you might like this article with explanation. Writing the dissertation needs an exhaustive research to be done to come out with a different point of view.

Dissertation can prove to be the lengthiest papers you would have written in all your life time. Your mentor also plays an important role in your dissertation writing. He will show you the methodology required for writing the dissertation in a proper manner. Mentors review your work and can help you revise and can even provide you a different prospective of the same topic. Reading dissertation written by others can also give ideas to write your dissertation. Reading books, journals and magazines will help you find different dimensions to your thinking, which is important in writing the dissertation.

While writing the dissertation on social science topics one should keep in mind the apa format which has proper guidelines for writing the dissertation. It is very important that dissertations are written in the prescribed format only if any. There are many guides and books available which consists the process of writing the dissertation one of them is by Michael riley which guides to write a dissertation in topics related to business and management.

Writing a dissertation as said above needs exhaustive research. There is a hypothesis which needs to be supported by our research and thus giving it a new dimension. Many dissertation works are published in national and international journals therefore it is important that the layout, the content and structure is such that it meets the criteria set by these journals. It should have proper references mentioned in a proper way. Data collection and analysis should be done and findings and discussions should be enlisted properly. It is also important that there is a readability of your project. Make sure that your dissertation is written in correct English and your thoughts should be presented in a simple manner. It is also important that illustrations are included to support your findings and research. A well written and illustration rich dissertation makes it worth reading.